Starlight Glimmer Plush

by OnlyFactory posted Jun 03, 2017 03:25 Report

Starlight Glimmer Plush

Accept by the factory FTW Factory on Jun 03, 2017
Size: 12 inches
Lead time: within 30 days after the goal is completed

If reach 200 pcs, the production will start.

Modified 21 days ago

7 Piece(s)
pledged of 200 goal

Only when the goal is completed, Production will begin.

4% complete

4% Complete

3 Backer(s)

Backer's price 14.90 USD/Piece
Price 22.90 USD/Piece
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Designer Reviews

fantasy-girl20 posted 20 days ago
i will back this idea under the condition that her cutie mark will be updated

User Reviews

kalopsicola posted 21 days ago
I would love to see this plush make a comeback! I think it would be great if her cutie mark was updated as well to look as it currently does on the show:

parnkung posted 20 days ago

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